Phillips Christian Church

Sheldon Cosma, Minister
Bill Snyder, Elder
Carl Merriman, Elder

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Please stop by this Sunday morning to worship with us.
Have a great day and God bless you!

Tom Miller, Elder

Our Mission - Is to evangelize the non-believers and help the Christians to grow in their faith and be equipped for ministry for the Lord and His Church.

Our Vision - To become a fully functioning authentic Biblical community, that is growing in size and quality of life, as it reaches Salem, Ohio.
We are children, youth and adults who worship together, who seek out ways to ease each other’s burdens, who have fun together, who learn about living a Christian life together, study the Bible together and pray together.

We are a community who believe we are called by God to serve each other and to serve our community and world through a large variety of efforts.
We believe:
• in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the message of salvation for all persons;
• that anyone who makes an affirmation of faith in Christ can become a church member;
• in the baptism by emersion of persons old enough to make an affirmation of faith;
• in the Bible as the major guide for the individual life and the life of the church;
• in the unity of the people of God; and
• in direct government of the church by our congregation and Official Board.
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9AM Sunday School
10AM Worship